2016年 nico(パリフォトサテライト展示)

  2016年 個展「ひーじゃーの島」

  2016年 写真集「Presence」制作

  2017年 JPCO展2017東京、京都

  2018年 チームチャンピオンズカップ2018


  2018年 Workshop2B OB展 「Annual2018」

  2019年 個展「光で画く」 @ space K

  2019年 Abox Photo Academy 写真展 2019


 2018年8月~10月    EXA-Photo写真WS「光で画く」第1期

 2019年2月~4月      EXA-Photo写真WS「光で画く」第2期

​ 2020年7月~12月  EXA-Photo写真WS「基礎講座」

Eiji Otsuka

I was born in Sendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

When I was 2 years old, my parents moved to Tokyo,and I lived in Tokyo until graduated from the university.

At the age of 22, I got a job at a precision equipment manufacturer and went to Nagano Prefecture at the same time. Since then I spend more than 30 years in Nagano.

I am engaged in camera, microscope, and endoscope manufacturing techniques. It is to think about how to manufacture the product.

And I relocated to Fukushima Prefecture in May 2018.

At the same time as manufacturing cameras, the interest in photography itself has expanded, and now I am expanding my activities to create photographs as works.

I also acted as a lecturer in photography courses, and recently the lecture “Drawing with Light” on the theme of “How to identify light” has gained a good reputation.




 Photo Master EX (Overall)


Major exhibitions and photography activities:

 2016 nico (Paris Photo Satellite Exhibition)

 2016 Solo exhibition “Hijanoshima”

 2016 Photo book “Presence” production

 2017 JPCO Exhibition 2017 Tokyo, Kyoto

 2018 Team Champions Cup 2018 Winner, Best

  Photographer Award

 2018 Workshop2B OB exhibition `` Annual2018 ''

 2019 Solo exhibition `` Draw with light '' @ space K

 2019 Abox Photo Academy Photo Exhibition 2019



 August to October 2018 EXA-Photo WS “Drawing with Light” Phase 1

 February to April 2019 EXA-Photo WS “Drawing with Light” Phase 2

July to Decwmber 2020 EXA-Photp WS "Photo basics"

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